MG-75AD8-DM2TC Inking Pad 3
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MG-75AD8-DM2TC Inking Pad

75-inch Professional PEN & TOUCH Dual-System Interactive Flat Panel

Morgan Touch Inking Pad is a dual touch technology input device powered by Android 8.0 operating system. 

Combination of EMR (Electromagnetic Resonance) for absolute writing, drawing and sketching output and Infrared Touch that delivers total control of your screen and presentation into your fingertips. LED full-color display with 4K picture quality, Ultra HD (3840 x 2160P). Dual EMR Pen & Infrared Multi-Touch (10 or 20 Points) Function 

>> Supports digital pen pressure: 2048 level professional drawing version

>> Ideal for  drawing and design for sketching or paperless office work.

>> Supports Windows Ink electronic ink function

>> Support WINTAB professional drawing software standard agreement


e05813712969772326092209a5500188.pngMorgan EMR PEN - Equipped with dual pen function that support pressure levels of up top 2048. Delivers the exact digital illustration of your handwriting by auto detecting the changes in pressure applied on the pen while you are writing. Ideal for Windows INK Software and any other drawing and sketching software’s. Pen is available in two colors (RED and BLUE)

20 Points Infrared Touch -  Supports Finger , Pointer or any opaque objects. Gives you access and total control of your screen and presentationSupports Palm and Finger Gestures like Erase, Zoom in and Zoom out, Object Drag etc.

Multi-Screen Wireless Screen Mirroring 

Mirror your devices to the main screen using the built-in software and enjoy working with your friends and colleagues with-out the hassle of running cables around the room. Wireless mirroring supports wireless file transfer, remote control function and audio extending.


All channel annotation

Write your remarks while presenting or playing videos. Use the side bar function to call out the built in annotation software that supports all channel input.


Smart Whiteboard

On the spot discussion needs a good whiteboard to write down  all ideas.  When you’re done, upload the minutes of your discussion to the cloud and download them on your phone using the Smart QR Code function



APP's Ready

Whether its .apk or .exe, Morgan Touch Inking Pad supports both file format. Install your desired Application and enjoy the pad as if you’re using your phone. Best use for APPs like Photoshop, Sketch , AI and other drawing and sketching software.


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Android System                                                                     Windows System 


Accessories Included


 Mounting Bracket x1   EMR PEN x2     Power Cord x 1



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