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EMR module solution

We provide EMR solution from mobile phone size to large interactive white board size.
Multi-pens is available now.

Active EMR Soluton is a patented technology by Morgan Touch with patent registrations in US, China, Japan and Korea. EMR Modules are available from sizes  5" to 86" or larger depending on your personnal requirements. 

Morgan Touch EMR pen solution supports high resolution and high-sensitive pen pressure

Pen pressure:
>>2048 levels (standard)
>>8192 levels (professional type for high-end artwork design)

Resoluton :
>>2048lpi (Standard) 
>>5080lpi (PRO type)

It Supports all existing  Window Operating Systems and Android System for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Interactive Flat Panels Displays. Cost effective and Very Efficient solution for your Sensor requirements. Morgan touch offers a total turn-key solutions  that involves hardware, firmware and software integration. 


Most common application is on LED Monitors with Built-inWindows or Android OS. EMR sensor are installed  beneath the LCD/LED Panel and sense the electromagnetic resonance coming from the Active Pen hovering up to 5 meter above the surface of your LED Panel. Application of EMR extends also on Interactive Whiteboard,Smart Table and small size hand writing dizitizers. It also works with different surface materials like glass, stone, marble, wood, leather or plastic. 

The Pen comes in different housing design and usage. You can choose between  regular ball point pen, pencil or even whiteboard marker. Pens are either battery powered or rechargeable. 



"We need technology in every classroom and in every students and teachers hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time,  and it is the lens through we experience much of our world." - David Warlick 

Education industry always has always been the biggest demand generator  of Interactive Displays and Touch surface functions. Many studies have shown that students tends to be become more attentive and fast learners with the use of modern learning technologies. It makes them more engage with the lectures and allows them to express themselves freely by using these tools. Morgan Touch EMR Solutions is currently being widely applied in many educational technology products like Touch Panels, Interactive Whiteboards, Smart Tables and Smart Notebooks. 

Corporate Businesses and Government Sectors person holding pencil near laptop computer

EMR is the best option for Display and Writing instruments that requires an extensive usage. With EMR pressure sensitive and high writing accuracy features, it is an ideal for solution for business like Banks, and Meeting offices.  

Products like sign tabs, touch panels and digital sketch boards for graphic artist and engineers are equipped with EMR modules. These allows them to directly digitize their work and ideas with the needing the use of traditional methods like paper and pen.

Morgan Touch Service   
we provide a total solution service for hardware / firmware / software integration.
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