10.1 Inch Pen and Touch Portable (USB) Monitor 3
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10.1 Inch Pen and Touch Portable (USB) Monitor

MG101W 10.1 “ Pen and Touch High Resolution " 1280x800P" Portable (USB) LED Monitor

Your extra Monitor

on the Go!

 An easy to carry monitor that fits right in to your backpack. Very light and dureable design. Its plug and play features allows you to use a second monitor anytime and anywhere. High resolution LED display for graphic design applications .   


fa7a9bda691c28a867f8d44f4d1bbe33.pngMorgan Touch EMR Digital Pen

  Supports pressure level of up to 2048. Fits perfectly in to your hands and charges right from the Pen Holder

10 Points P-CAP Touch

Support 10 Fingers


Ergonomic Design 

Brilliantly thought design based on users preferenece. Brilliantly designed based on users preference. You can rest it on your Table, Counter Tops or even on your Lap as you Draw, Sketch or Write on the screen   

      No messy cables around! 

           Equip with USB cable lock to hold your cables in place. 

8a761ebf5a57d661920de5dbbbdd7419.pngYour Pen is nowhere to go!


       Put your ben back on the holder after each use. It's perfectly fitted, trust me! Holder also serves as a charge for the Pen so you can keep it full when not in use. 


       Raise it up!

             Adjust the height of your screen. Available in two adjustable setting. 


Extra Pen Nibs

The nibs replaceable. Accessory includes 3 nibs and nib clips. Other Pen function includes mouse right and left click function

What can I do for you? 


Digital Signing Pads

Ideal for Banks, Hospitals and other businesses that require signatures from their clients for any transactions they make!


Graphic Design Applications 

Equipped with 2048 pressure level. Very idea
l for applications like  Photoshop, AI, Sketch and many more. Get that artistic talent of yours rolling



Just a USB cable!

I'm your laptops best companion. No extra power cord, no extra battery, Just connect me with a USB!


Pen & Multi-Touch


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