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21.5-inch EMR Pen & Touch Monitor

High resolution EMR Pen display with CPT multi-touch function. Pen resolution: 2048 LPI Pen pressure: 2048 Level Multi-Touch: 10 points Support O/S: Windows 7 and above / Android 5.0 and above Support Wintab for drawing and artwork design. Support Office Inking With Angle-adjustable Monitor Stand

21.5-inch Pen & Touch dual-functional Monitor for digital inking pen and multi-touch.

Work and Drawing with high-quality Pen and Touch now!


l  21.5" Full HD  screen  (1920x1080P)


l  Support extend monitor, and rotate the screen if requirement.


l  EMR stylus pen with high pen-pressure (2048 level),the best pen for drawing, note, artwork design, sign pad and so on.


l  Support Multi-Touch for screen touch control.


l  Support Windows 7 and above / Android 5.0 and above

l  Support Wintab standard  

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