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27-inch EMR High-Resolution module

Morgan Touch 27-inch EMR High-PRO solution is designed for professional user with very high resolution and high-sensitive pen pressure.


<< Reference Spec >>


* EMR size27-inch  customized service


* EMR SolutionMorgan IC control board + sensor board + digitizer pen


* High Resolution 5080 LPI 


* High Pen Pressure8192 Levels


* Hovering Detect 5 ~ 10mm above from module


* Report rate >168 pps 


* USB interface


* Support Windows & Android inking


* Support Professional Drawing and Painting software in market with high sensitive and high resolution.



above spec is for reference only.  Please check detail specification datasheet.

27-inch EMR High-PRO solution is a high-sensitive and high-resolution pen solution for professional user!  Morgan Pen is a user-friendly pen solution for hand writing, signing, drawing, or painting as you do in normal white board!

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